How We Operate

Nanny's Philosophy

Program Philosophy
Nanny's Nursery is a played based program. Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that children grow and develop when given opportunities to explore, create and problem solve with materials that are appropriate for his or her age and development. We will provide opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. The role of the teacher is to facilitate children's growth and development by providing a curriculum that builds and constructs new knowledge with a clear understanding of each child's current development.

Mission Statement
Nanny's Nursery School's mission is to provide a quality, comprehensive early childhood environment for nurturing and facilitating the growth and development of young children.

We are honored and priviledged to accept the trust your family has placed in us to guide and enrich your child's early childhood experiences.
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Who We Are

Nanny's History

Nanny's Nursery was named after my grandmother whom I call "Nanny". She is now a great-great grandmother to my twin grandsons. All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren love spending time with Nanny and that is why I chose her as our namesake. Nannies are also portrayed as very loving towards children with a magical quality as in Mary Poppins.

Nanny's first location opened in a church building on July 9, 1979. We were only licensed for thirty children at the time, but our waiting list soon grew. In December 1980 my daughter Nicole was born. After becoming a mother myself, I understood how important and difficult it can be to find excellent childcare. In 1980, I did not have an infant program so I was faced with a childcare decision of my own.

Our program was/is in demand because of our high standards for quality childcare. Our enrollment continued to grow. We operated with a waiting list for many years. In the summer of 1985, we broke ground for a new facility with a license capacity of ninety children. On December 11, 1985 Nanny's on Pardee opened for business. My son Joseph was born on the same day as the opening!

As our center continued to grow, we had numerous requests for infant and toddler care. In the fall of 1990 I came upon on opportunity to lease a building with a setting perfect for infants and toddlers in the the Downriver Community Conference Center in Southgate. In January of 1991, Nanny's II opened with a license capacity of sixty children and has grown to a capacity of 122 children. Now, we have a relocated our infant & toddler center. Nanny's Infant and Toddler Center is located at 21085 Goddard.

I am very proud of our staff at Nanny's, and I hope to give the children at our program the magical childhood they deserve by having loving people care for them.

Sheryl A. Westerdale Executive Director and Founder

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